During the SPACE 2019, the WISIUM brand, formed by bringing the INZO° and PRISMA teams together, has revealed its logo and new colors in France. This merger between 2 main players of the French premix market under the WISIUM international brand aims to propose a more adapted global offer responding to all its clients’ needs. This new unit is a key player of the premix/services business activity in France.

The reference firm-services in France for all the feed manufacturers

With the merger of the INZO° and PRISMA expertise, WISIUM is an essential partner for animal feed manufacturers. Ruminant, swine, broiler, layer, rabbit, horse, fish and shrimp, pet food: the WISIUM offer is adapted to all the needs and challenges of all the animal productions. With more than 50 service offers and varied product ranges, the offer can be customized according to the specific context of the present and future customers.

WISIUM manufactures high-quality products: premix, nutritional specialties, special animal feed or minerals in its French factories. Strengthening competitiveness on the French animal nutrition market while responding to the demand for quality, animal health and welfare, environment, safety and traceability is the daily challenge of the WISIUM teams. The brand center of expertise (composed of more than 55 species specialists, nutritionists, formulators, experts in sales and marketing) supports customers and help them develop the essential tools and services to reach their goals. 8 fields of expertise are covered: Formulation, nutrition expertise and R&D, quality control, NIR analyses and technology, digital applications, marketing support, sales promotion and trainings.

Wisium, a brand of ADM Animal Nutrition

WISIUM is the brand for ADM Animal Nutrition premix and services business activity, one of the Archer Daniels Midland Company division (NYSE: ADM) and a global leader on the animal nutrition market. It is now present in more than 60 countries, conferring to the brand a true international footprint. Each year, more than 40 million tons of animal feed are manufactured under the WISIUM technics to supply more than 1,200 industrial customers.

With its powerful experimental organization and dedicated teams composed of more than 140 specialists, WISIUM has made innovation its strategic priority thanks to its creative research and development team. 95 research programs are developed each year and enriched thanks to partnerships with clients, suppliers and universities.

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