Wisium launches the real-time NIR project

Man using real time NIR device

Wisium holds advanced analytical expertise thanks to its partnership with Upscience, an international network of analytical laboratories. The company mainly occupies leading roles for NIRS analyses. NIRS (Near InfraRed Spectroscopy) technology is based on collecting and rapidly analyzing data, which is then used as an input for predictive mathematical models in order to analyze raw materials and finished products.

Wisium is currently developing a new service for its customers: the real-time NIR service. This solution will allow Wisium customers to use the NIRS technology directly in the field.

The real-time NIR is a device connected to a smartphone application via Bluetooth that allows to directly scan the product to be analyzed. Thanks to this device, farmers, feed manufacturers and cooperatives can carry out analyses, which traditionally required the services of a laboratory, directly and rapidly (a few seconds) in the field.

The analyses are based on different parameters (especially dry matter, protein, fiber, starch, fat) and the results are displayed directly on the screen. This new service can be used to reach rapid decisions for livestock (optimizing feed, improving responsiveness) and in plants (quality management for incoming raw materials, production line output and finished products).

The real-time NIR project is currently being tested in 8 countries and is already supported by a database of 3,000 samples. Data collected during this trial phase and later phases will be used by Wisium experts to enrich and improve the analytical calibration of the tool. An initial real-time NIR service will be proposed in the coming months.