Wisium launched Mycowatch® app at Eurotier 2018. Mycowatch® app is a monitoring tool allowing to know the precise dosage of T5X product, Wisium mycotoxins solution, to use depending on the species and mycotoxins contamination levels. With this app, Wisium strengthens its services offer for mycotoxins.

Wisium: global expert in mycotoxins management

Wisium has developed a global expertise in the mycotoxins contamination management, a complex and always moving issue for animal production. Thanks to its worldwide database of analyses, Wisium has identified a global rise of contamination levels in a multi-contamination context. In this environment, more and more challenging, using a simple binding solution is not sufficient. Thus, Wisium offers its customers a complete approach of mycotoxins management risk thanks to a full package of services. This comprehensive mycotoxins solution combines quality control plan support, analysis, technical advice, high-end technical products range T5X and Mycowatch® app.

Mycowatch® app, an innovative and easy-to-use tool in the field

In mycotoxins risk management, prevention is the key point for success. Indeed, it is critical for feed producers to know the contamination levels of their raw materials to be able to have a preventive approach. For that, Wisium helps customers to build their mycotoxins control plan and offers analysis solutions depending on their situations and objectives.

Having analysis results is the first step of the preventive approach, and to go further Wisium developed Mycowatch® app. The monitoring tool allows valorizing mycotoxins analysis results in order to evaluate the contamination risk (from low to critical), to select the most suitable T5X product to use depending on the situation and to know the precise T5X product dose to use.

Thanks to our 20 years of Research and Development and field experience, the Wisium team designed a new generation of mobile application. By using specific equations, Mycowatch® app takes into account the species and sub-species sensibilities to mycotoxins, the raw materials inclusion rate in the formula and the possible multi-contaminations.

Mycowatch® app is available Google Play and Apple stores. The app is mainly dedicated to nutritionists and feed producers formulators usable for their day-to-day work, in addition, a full report of each simulation can be sent by e-mail for archives.

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For further information, download the press release: PR_Mycowatch_T5X