In this page, you are able to run the T5X training program which includes different modules with multiple videos inside of each module.

At the end of each video, you will have some questions to answer.

The quiz is accessible by clicking on the link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/T5XLEARNINGQUIZ

Please take care to answer the questions of the video before starting the next one.

T5X Fundamentals

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.1 T5X Intro

Let’s start this T5X training with some context elements about mycotoxins

Please answer the questions 6 to

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.2 MYCOTOXINS IDENTITY CARDS

Learn more about the different mycotoxins identified and studied 

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.3 MYCOTOXINS CONTAMINATION

Some key points and specifications must be highlighted when we are talking about mycotoxins contamination

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.4 MYCOTOXINS TOXICITY

Let’s go deeper on the mycotoxins toxicity on a general basis

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.5 IMPACT ON SWINE

Mycotoxins can have different impacts depending on the animal species, let’s focus first on the impacts on swine

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.6 IMPACT ON POULTRY

Let’s continue with the mycotoxins impacts on poultry

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.7 IMPACT ON RUMINANT

Finally, even if ruminant can be considered as less sensitive to mycotoxins than other species negative impacts can be observed on those animals

T5X: The Offer

Module 2 The Offer 1.1 SERVICES & PRODUCT OFFER

After reviewing the mycotoxins specifications and their impacts on animals, learn more about the Wisium Mycotoxins Management : T5X offer

Module 2 The Offer 1.2 T5X KEY BENEFITS

Let’s discuss now about the key benefits of the T5X offer

Module 2 The Offer 1.3 Action 1: BINDING

T5X product includes 3 complementary actions against mycotoxins. Let’s enter into the details of the first one : Binding

Module 2 T5X offer 1.4 Action 2:  DETOXIFICATION

Binding action is not enough to provide a wide spectrum solution, it’s why detoxification and antioxidation actions are key

Module 2 T5X offer 1.5 Action 3: IMMUNO-STIMULATION

Last but not least, let’s talk about the immune-stimulation action of T5X

T5X : Scientific trials

T5X proofs of efficiency is key to convey your prospects and customers, learn more about the key results of the product

T5X: Selling tools

Sales approach

To finalize this training on T5X offer, let’s have a look at the sales approach