In this page, you are able to run the PURlite training program which includes different modules with multiple videos inside of each module.

At the end of each video, you will have some questions to answer.

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Please take care to answer the questions of the video before starting the next one.

PURlite Fundamentals

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.1 PURlite Intro

Let’s start this PURlite training with some fundamentals about the swine production

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.2 Large litters

Swine producers generally use large litters to produce more piglets per sow per year

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.3 MORTALITY CAUSES

To understand the issues of swine production we are going to introduce you the mortality causes that can impact the farm efficiency

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.4 THERMAL STRESS

Let’s focus in an important cause of weakness piglets: thermal stress

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.5 BACTERIA AND INFECTIONS

Infections and diseases constitutes one of the main threat for swine and farm efficiency

Module 1 Fundamentals 1.6 PIGS’ SOCIAL LIFE

To finalize this introduction, let’s talk about pig’s social life

PURlite: The Product

Module 2 The product 1.1 INTRO

After reviewing some fundamentals about swine production, let’s discover the Wisium litter conditioner : PURlite

Module 2 The product 1.2 PURlite’s overview

Let’s start with general info about PURlite

Module 2 The Product 1.3 Specifications

Discover now the product’s specifications

Module 2 The Product 1.4 Water Absorpion Capacity

Let’s enter now in details of the PURlite actions, and start with the water absorption

Module 2 The Product 1.5 Ammonia Binding Effect

PURlite also has an ammoniac binding effect

Module 2 The Product 1.6 PURlite’s antiseptic effect

In addition, discover the antiseptic effect of PURlite

Module 2 The Product 1.7 PURlite’s natural composition

Let’s discuss now about the product composition, another strength of PURlite

Module 2 The Product 1.8 PURlite’s odor power

PURlite with its particular smell can reduce some stress linked to environment changes

Module 2 The Product 1.9 Optimization of sows’ fertility

Let’s now talk about sows fertility and PURlite

PURlite: Trials

Module 3 Trials 1.1 Intro

PURlite proofs of efficiency is key to convey your prospects and customers, learn more about the key results of the product

Module 3 Trials 1.3 Chinese trial

Discover PURlite proofs of efficiency in an Asian context

Module 3 Trials 1.2 Portuguese trial

Discover PURlite proofs of efficiency in an European context

Training PURlite Module 4 Sales Approach

Module 4 Sales Approach 1.1 Intro

As now you know more about PURlite and its benefits, let’s discuss about selling tools.

Module 4 Sales Approach 1.2 Identification

The identification of prospects and usages are key in sales process

Module 4 Sales Approach 1.3 Sale simulation

In order to have a concrete example, let’s study a sales simulation

Training PURlite Module 5 Competitors

Module 5 Competitors 1.1 Intro

Now it’s time to talk about prices and competitors

Module 5 Competitors 1.2 Specs’ comparison

PURlite has several competitors around the world, let’s study the main ones

Module 5 Competitors 1.3 Economic comparison

Let’s compare PURlite with competitors on an economic point of view

Training PURlite Module 6 Multi-species

Module 6 Multi species 1.1 Intro

In this module, you will learn more about the PURlite applications in other animal species

Module 6 Multi species 1.2 Ruminants

Usage of PURlite in ruminant

Module 6 Multi species 1.3 Poultry

Usage of PURlite in poultry

Module 6 Multi species 1.4 Rabbits

Usage of PURlite in rabbit