Solver Sows is Wisium’s new software product designed to help farmers and feed manufacturing technicians to monitoring the body conditions of sows.

The software captures, stores, valorizes and shares measurements of body conditions, such as back fat, back muscle thickness, and weight. This functionality, and the software’s simple indicators and reports, help farmers and technicians make decisions at key phases of development, such as when to group sows at weaning and adapt feed and performance management accordingly.

This new software has been awarded this year with an Innov’Space trophy for its high degree of ingenuity, innovation and its real interest for the end-user.

The Innov’Space award is an opportunity for Wisium to put the spotlight on this new technology during the SPACE expo in Rennes, France, a key European exhibition for the animal production industry. Trophies will be presented to Wisium and the other winners during the expo on Sept. 10. 

The software is available in Spain and will be launched in France during the Space. The next deployment will be in Mexico.