Wisium experts have a global approach of the ruminant management to be your partner during all the beef and milk productions steps, from the young animal stage to the slaughterhouse or milk production.

  • About the young animal rearing we pay attention to the weaning age, age at parturition, Average Daily Gain, chest circumference, number of meals per day and body condition.
  • We are your partner in milk production and focus on production data (lactation curve etc.), quality data (fat and protein percentage, somatic cells count etc.) and herd management (body condition, replacement rate, culling rate, reproduction management and performance).
  • We also focus on meat production paying attention to performance data (Feed Conversion Ratio, Average Daily Gain, carcass yield etc.) and meat quality.

As your partners, Wisium experts provide you a customized support though technical services. A dedicated support on your feed production for every stages of the ruminant life and adapted to your meat/milk production model or to the one of your partners.

Overcome the challenges of the peri-partum period to improve milk production with our dairy ruminant program.

More than a product solution, our TRANSI UP program is a customized partnership able to improve your dairy performance. TRANSI UP program is based on our knowledge of the dry and early lactation periods and of the ruminant market. The program promotes improved health status, increased milk production and prepare the cow for reproduction. It is a complete packaged solution intended for the entire peri-partum stage (from 60 days before calving until 100 days after) and a tailor-made approach to dairy cow management comprising products with a unique blend of additives.

According to your project and needs we are able to provide you a dedicated answer:

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