Wisium experts have a global approach of the layers and egg management to be your partner during all the egg production steps, from the day-old layer chick stage to the egg production period.

  • We pay attention to the quality of the early feed and propose dedicated solutions to answer challenges of this first critical stage. The day-old layer chick nutrition will directly have an impact on the layer production.
  • We focus on your egg quality including eggshell quality, egg size, yolk color and albumen thickness. We propose a global quality approach to ensure the best economic result and your client satisfaction.
  • We are your partner to improve your profitability by increasing the egg production and extending the laying period. Working also with you to help you having lower feed costs by improving Feed Conversion Ratio.
  • As your partners, Wisium experts provide you a customized support though technical services. A dedicated support on your feed production for every stages of the layer life and adapted to your egg production model or to the one of your partners.

Overcome the challenges of egg production with our layer concept:

More than a product solution, our EGG QUALITY CONCEPT is a customized partnership able to improve your egg quality. Quality resulting in a decrease of discarded eggs, the optimization of egg size in relation to market expectations, eggs with the ideal yolk color and the optimum albumen thickness. Our experts are able to measure farm performance on egg quality and to identify sources of improvement to reach your egg challenges.

According to your project and needs we are able to provide you a dedicated answer:

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Egg Quality Concept

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