Wisium experts have a global approach of the fish and shrimp management and nutrition to be your partner during all shrimp or fish production steps.

  • We are your partner to build your feed range depending on the shrimp and fish physiological stages and specificities like rearing systems and feeding habit. We are able to formulate recipes based on the available raw materials and taking into account the feed analysis resultsin order to provide you the best formulation that meets all the fish and shrimp nutritional requirements.
  • We are focused on the improvement of zootechnical parameters. The aim is to ensure the optimal feed intake, accelerating growth and improving Feed Conversion Ratio, survival rate and fillet yield.
  • As the efficiency of aquaculture systems depends on several factors we go further than nutrition and we have developed InMyFarm Aqua.decision making tool which enables us to provide technical advice, helping your client to improve his management techniques, aiming to maximize the technical and economic results of his farm.

As your partners, Wisium experts provide you a customized support though technical services. A dedicated support on every stages of your production system and adapted to your production types.

According to your project and needs we are able to provide you a dedicated answer:

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