A Wisium, we have a co-construction and global approach with our customers. So, in order to always improve and optimize your performance we propose various trainings for your team and customers.

The need for training

Correctly trained employees who know what is expected and why, are an invaluable asset to your organization. People who know what their job is, why they are doing it, and how to do it correctly can help your whole business run smoother and be more efficient and productive. But how do you get everyone trained correctly, and how do you keep them up to date on what they need to know? Wisium has the answers you need when it comes to training.

What we offer

We have a co-construction and global approach with our customers. Because we know human resources are a key asset in every operation, we offer various training programs for your team and customers to help you improve and optimize your performance. These offerings are designed with you in mind and are built to address your team’s specific needs in multiple areas, including:

  • Technical trainings on the fundamentals of formulation (including software), nutrition and/or farm management for all major agricultural species are offered for large and small operations. That’s right, we can help with training on how to feed broiler chickens, or shed light on the correct mineral balance for ruminants. In fact, when it comes to animal nutrition and/or farm management training, we cover the fields of layers, broilers, swine, ruminants, horses, pets, and aquaculture. 
  • Industrial training to help you optimize your feed production process, improve feed quality, and develop new industrial projects. Whether you want to improve efficiency on your production line or make sure your staff is tuned with requirements for HACCP certifications, we can provide the adequate training sessions to get everyone informed and up to date on new developments. 
  • Commercial training for your sales-force to boost your activity and promote your products on your market. Your sales force will benefit from these sessions that help them understand the whys and hows of their products, and the benefits of what they are selling. 
  • Introduction to quality control and NIR analyses methods: because these methods are complex and full of details, our training in these areas will help your laboratory and/or technical staff get and stay up to date with the latest developments and trends in research. 
  • Marketing trainings to prepare the launch of new offers, to demonstrate how you differentiate from your competitors and to show how you add value. Making products without being able to tell their story and get potential buyers involved is a futile exercise. Our marketing training can help you develop a plan to get the word out about your offerings and services. 

A tailored approach

Your business operation is unique; we understand that. That is why each one of these programs is tailor-made and built with you depending on your objectives and the qualifications of your team. We want to meet your staff where they are and bring them to a new understanding of key concepts that will help them do their daily jobs better, and in turn help your bottom line.