The feed production is a complex and multifaceted process. It requires the implementation of specific industrial processes that meet regulations set forth by state and national governing bodies. In addition, good operational performance entails correct quality control and industrial tools.

To help you reach your productivity, quality and economic objectives, Wisium experts offer you a dedicated industrial support. A good operational performance entails an optimal management of quality and industrial tools.

Our international industrial expertise (19 premix plants around the world) allows us to provide you with a tailor-made technical support that match your local needs. Our services combine industrial knowledge with quality control metrics and planning to provide a full advisor package for your business that will help you meet, and even exceed, your goals.

Wisium industrial expertise and skills:

  • Our industrial and formulation experts work together to assess and improve the quality of your final product. That includes parameters such as optimum particle size, durability and hardness of the pellet. They cover topics to improve batch homogeneity, reduce cross-contamination issues, or assess incorporation of new raw materials to optimize feed cost. They work on the implementation of a quality control plan for raw materials and end products. Not only do we offer a full analysis plan, but also an interpretation of the results and the validation of manufacturing processes.
  • When running a feed mill and feed production equipment, multiple certifications must be obtained both in the industrial and animal nutrition spaces. As your nutritional and industrial partner, we help you apply for and obtain certifications in all areas (HACCP, ISO 9001 etc.).
  • Producing medicated feed adds a whole different component to the feed production process. If you manufacture and distribute medicated feed, Wisium experts can establish and monitor compliance with specific regulations in order to help bring the site up to standards.
  • Today’s feed market demands traceability. Wisium experts assist you with the technical validation of your manufacturing processes and help you manage the traceability of your raw materials and end products.

All the technical support you need

In any industrial setting, improving the performance of operating processes is a key factor to reduce costs and increase quality. Wisium experts help you optimize the industrial performance of your plant from top to bottom. We address things like energy efficiency, shrinkage, and more. Maintenance conditions can also be audited in order to identify any areas for improvement.

Beyond simple advice, we help you implement action plans and train operators. These efficiencies help to optimize manufacturing processes via an analysis of limiting factors.

We do more than simply give advice. Our industrial support includes, thorough analysis, solution identification, and action plan implementation that is based on your goals and input. We even help with the training of your employees to make sure that the operating staff is up to date on any changes and programs. In addition to procedural analysis and training, we also provide input and guidance on industrial machinery purchases to help you make the right investment.

Wisium is on your team

Our technical customer service is a constant work in progress because it adapts to your project. Wisium experts work everyday to provide you with the type of support you need.

They do not simply crunch numbers and analyze processes to give you a laundry list of things to improve. They help present data to make it consumable and easier to understand. They work alongside you as part of your team to implement change, train employees, and help you accomplish your goals. In a nutshell, they are here to help you deliver the best raw materials and finished products.