No matter where you look, you see people either on their computers or with their phone in hand. Animal agriculture is not different – producers use technology to stay on top of market trends, prices, and to keep up with the latest information.

Today, digital solutions and smart farming are becoming part of livestock breeders’ daily life with the emergence of connected objects (IOT) and applications of management and decision support tools. Wisium has adopted a dynamic approach by bringing its animal nutrition expertise to life through digital applications, which allows customers to benefit from it in real-time speed.

Digital apps by Wisium

Wisium adds to its nutritional expertise a wide range of digital applications to complement its product and service offers. Diet recommendation tools, decision support tools and mobile apps allow you to optimize the nutritional advice given by Wisium experts. This is due to the customized digital solutions that offer audits, diagnostics and economic analyses of farm practices for all species.

Wisium offers digital technology and applications that are specific to the trends of the farming sector. These digital apps help provide data and resources for daily situations that arise in animal agriculture and allow producers to bridge the gap between real-time data and hands-on application. 

Digital apps adapted to the farming sector challenges

Precision feeding: Wisium proposes digital applications that can help optimize nutritional performance by providing immediate guidance on the diet and nutritional program composition. Because our matrix equations and databases are frequently updated and can pull from a history built from years of analysis coming from our R&D, we can offer solid information and background to fuel well informed decision-making on the part of the producer. Thanks to this, we are in a position to provide advice adapted to the livestock’s needs and to the farmer’s objectives.

Enhance your expertise: in the everyday life, you make decisions according to multiple factors or data that is available at the farm level. Our applications collect and analyze the farm, herd or animal data, and propose an adapted diagnosis and solution depending on the problematics. The expected levels of performance or quality are factors that we also consider within our digital apps, as you weigh your options.

How to get access to our digital applications?

Depending on the applications, nutritional experts and farmers alike can benefit from personalized access allowing the capture, control and analysis of the important data that is essential in decision-making.

Wisium digital applications are available on a variety of platforms. Don’t worry if you have questions; these applications are fully supported by user training sessions, a user helpdesk available online and a phone assistance. All these assistance channels are here to provide corrective steps, maintenance and upgrade.

Available on computers, tablets or smartphones, with or without Internet connectivity, our digital apps will meet your expectations and needs. With the Wisium digital apps, you can join the smart farming movement that allows better decisions-making based on strong data.

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