Wisium services

We offer independent advice on any aspect of production management including formulation, feedstuffs and finished products control plans, raw material knowledge, nutritional requirements, health and farm management, industrial performance support and high added-value products.

Nutrition expertise

Animal production covers a wide range of activities, from feeding and husbandry to marketing and sales. The most successful producers often achieve their goals because they enlist the right team to provide support, knowledge, and guidance. The expertise in animal nutrition offered by Wisium is second to none. For Wisium, nutrition expertise consists in taking into account performance objectives to set the right recommendations according to the stage, genetics and environment. More than 50 years of research and development background  is supporting our nutrition expertise. From valorization of raw materials with adapted matrix to your context to formulation of the right diets, our experts can offer independent advice on every area of production management.

Quality control and NIR technology

Nowhere is the importance of quality control displayed more than in the animal nutrition world. Inadequate or incorrect quality control methods can have disastrous effects on an operation, the industry, and potentially even food systems. In addition to extensive product testing, our Near Infrared Technology (NIR) allows you to quickly have analysis results and interpretations, so you can react fast to developing situations.

Farm management

Because feed efficiency is strongly linked to farm management and correct conditions for animal health, Wisium offers you specific technical support on farm and performance monitoring to ensure the best economic results for your operation. In nearly every case, a well-managed farm that implements a good animal nutrition program will be successful and profitable. The Wisium’s farm management program consists of several steps, including observation and assessment, identification of issues, solution implementation, and follow-up with technical support. Our experts, with strong hands-on experience, help you answer your issue.

Industrial support

What added value does a robust formula have if you are not able to manufacture it? Do you know that feed efficiency is also linked to the right presentation for the animals? And last but not least, do you know how to ensure compliance with regulation ?

To achieve maximum productivity, quality, and economic objectives, Wisium experts offer dedicated industrial support. Operational excellence requires the right management of quality and industrial tools, and our international industrial expertise allows us to provide industrial support that is customized to your local needs, including:

  • Quality control
  • Certification (HACCP, ISO 9001 etc.)
  • Compliance with specific regulations for medicated feed
  • Validation of manufacturing processes and in management of traceability

Wisium experts can also help you optimize the technical performance of your plant, audit maintenance conditions, and advise you on the procurement of industrial machinery.

Marketing support

As differentiation is more than ever the key to succeed in the growth on a market, Wisium also offers marketing support to its partners. We help you develop new or existing feed offers by providing market expertise and/or evaluation. We can further assist you in the creation of communication tools, such as brochures, and technical data sheets, as well as promotional materials like posters, mailing pieces, and videos to support your solution’s sales. Finally, our teams can assist and guide your operational marketing plan by offering step-by-step action plans.

Digital apps

Wisium has adopted a dynamic approach by bringing customers its animal nutrition expertise through digital applications. Wisium focuses on tools that complement the current product and service offerings. The current digital applications available address precision feeding and data analysis to assist in day-to-day decision making, as well as diet recommendation tools and decision support tools.


As our sector is more and more competitive and requires high-level expertise, Wisium offers specialized trainings on a regular schedule to cover topics such as fundamentals of nutrition and/or farm management. We also provide specialized trainings for sales teams, marketing trainings around developing and supporting new offers and product differentiation, quality control and NIR analysis training, and industrial training to optimize feed production processes, improve quality, and develop new industrial projects. These programs are tailor-made and built with you depending on your objectives and the qualifications of your team.