Young animal nutrition is fundamental to ensure the best production performances at the end. The early life is a short period which will have a strong impact on the animal development and during which we take care to guarantee optimal nutritional and digestive security. Thanks to our nutrition expertise and high level quality industrial process we are able to propose you the following solutions:

GENESA, a poultry pre starter feed

A day-old chick has strong growth potential. Maximum growth occurs in the first week of life. This phase governs the success of the finishing phase because there is a positive correlation between live weight at 7 days old and slaughter weight. This phase also governs a part of the success of the layer and breeder performances.

GENESA has three essential specificities to ensure you the best performance. Our mastered grading technology for a perfect size crumbles allows us to offer a pre-starter with 1-2 mm perfect size crumble. Designed to satisfy the specific needs of chicks, GENESA uses high-quality, digestible ingredients. Included in GENESA, B-SAFE is a non-medicated product offering a safe, natural and reliable solution to control pathogenic flora and strengthen the digestive defenses of broilers. Its innovative concept is based on the synergistic action between plant extracts and special activated clay.

GENESA results for better performances:


Improved feed intake of day-old-chick


Better day-old chick viability


Enhanced flock uniformity: security and homogenization of starting performance


Improved profitability


A weight gain of more than 40g per chick at 35 days (according internal research trials)

WEAN UP, a piglet pre-starter feed

The piglet’s early life is a short period which determines pig lifetime performances. During the first weeks of life, the piglet is immature and very sensitive to environmental stress. Early life intervention with ideal feed guarantees optimal gut development and long-term benefits.

WEAN UP is an international program for optimal farm management, it offers a package of nutritional solutions and recommendations. It is a synergic approach based on a complete range of products dedicated to every stage of piglet life and a customized technical support to amplify a product’s positive effects. Wisium experts are your partners to measure your farm performances and identify areas of improvement. We focus on a short term investment for long term benefits.

WEAN UP results for better performances:


Reduce pre-weaning mortality


Higher feed intake


Guarantee digestive security


Prepare gut to improve lifetime growth

NEWEAN, a range of milk replacers

Performance of the adult cows depends on the development of the young calves during the first weeks of life. Growth delay during the first months of young ruminant’s life won’t be caught up.

NEWEAN milk replacers are specially designed to insure a good start and prepare the future cow, ewe and goat. Our products are formulated with high quality dairy and vegetal raw materials selected for their nutritional values. These raw materials are obtained by original process which allows to keep the quality of nutrients and their digestibility. The re-fattening spray technique leads to complete solubility and insures palatability and ease of use.

NEWEAN results for better performances:


Optimum nutritional supply that ensure optimal growth before weaning


Higher security that prevents any growth delay


Limit digestive troubles risk thanks to a selection of ingredients of upper quality allowing an efficient digestion


Customized formulation adapted to growth targets