Are you concerned by mycotoxins contamination or drinking water hygiene? Do you want to improve your piglets’ growth or milk production in your dairy herds? Maybe there is that one issue holding you back from reaching your maximum production goals with your animals. Wisium is here to help.

Nutritional specialties address specific animal challenges

Nutritional specialties are specific products that tackle zootechnical challenges during a specific stage of an animal’s life. These critical phases can include young growing animals, early or late production, and even a non-productive phase. These specialties are developed to address and offer solutions for a certain challenge or situation that may arise in production. Nutritional specialties can be incorporated in feed or used in top feeding.

Wisium’s nutritional specialties are a result of our nutritional know-how with a specific composition. They all have one or more functions. These go from improving the characteristics of animal products to addressing the well-being of animals and the environmental consequences of animal production.

Using them can help you tackle day-to-day issues and participate in the enhancement of all your animals performance. Poultry, swine or ruminant: Wisium has a nutritional specialty for you.

Support for many animal production challenges

The Wisium nutritional specialties cover various type of production problematics. We developed specific solutions to answer your day-to-day field issues. Our solutions include:

  • Addressing eggshell quality in layer production
  • Supporting intestinal health and integrity in poultry, swine and ruminant production
  • Maintaining liver protection in poultry and ruminant production
  • Finding ways to reduce heat stress in swine production
  • Managing mycotoxins contamination and reduce the negative impacts on animals in dairy production
  • Improving calving recovery in ruminant production
  • Addressing fertility in swine production
  • Increasing milk production in swine and ruminant production
  • Addressing the nutrients deviation to non-productive purpose in poultry, swine and ruminant production

Wisium offers guidance and support, from start to end

All these solutions address a specific issue. Using them will help you maximize the potential of your animals. Indeed, the right animal nutrition is the first step to combine animal welfare and economic success. Solutions often include a global approach, including lab analysis and/or technical support on farm in addition to formulation. 

No matter what issue you encounter, Wisium experts will have an answer – and likely a nutritional specialty – to address it.

We have a full range of solutions to enhance your performances. Discover them here !