Minerals are macro premixes destined to cover the needs of ruminants in terms of macro nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. They come in complement of those naturally present in forages. It is also a supply of rumen soluble minerals to feed the microbes and improve diet digestion. Minerals complement help to improve performance by reinforcing immunity, reproduction and production.

Wisium minerals

When talking about balanced diets, whether it is in human nutrition or animal nutrition, minerals play a key role. In fact, the main components of a balanced diet include protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, water, and of course – minerals.

Their beneficial effects are multiple. Indeed, they provide macro nutrients and trace elements. They also help improve performance by reinforcing immunity, reproduction, and production.

Wisium minerals are formulated by our nutritionists to meet the requirements of ruminant species throughout their production cycle. The goal is to support animals during the critical periods of their life (weaning, turn out to pasture, changes of diet, drying off…). Specific mineral mixes can also include vitamins for ruminants to provide a supply of rumen soluble minerals and feed beneficial microbes.

Mineral supplementation is determined according to the average requirements of a herd. Animals do not all express the same needs, which may vary according to their genetic potential, age, and stage of production. Mineral options can be provided through powder, micro marbles, bulk pellets, licking blocks or buckets.

Licking buckets help provide balance nutrition

One of Wisium’s offers in the field of minerals is the PHYSIOlick licking buckets. These lick tubs allow a self-service diet, where each animal can feed itself according to its needs. This helps to keep all the members of a herd nutritionally balanced by providing an individualized solution for each animal.

The tubs are manufactured with a unique manufacturing process: the Cool Mix process. It is a paste produced from the mixture of raw materials, whey and molasses which naturally cakes in the bucket, without pressure and without heating. This unique process ensures that intakes of a PHYSIOlick licking bucket remain consistent, even in extreme types of weather.

The multiple benefits of PHYSIOlick

PHYSIOlick buckets are a practical tool for animal husbandry. They are easy to use in various situations and can be offered to a herd grazing on pasture or to free stalled animals. Consumption by the animal is total.

The PHYSIOlick bucket is also a good barometer of potential metabolic and nutrition problems. If animals consume an extensive amount of the tub, it can be an indication of diet imbalance that needs to be addressed in another way. 

PHYSIOlick also provides a response to the ruminants’ natural need to lick. Indeed, saliva acts as a natural buffer in the digestive system. Increasing the licking significantly increases the production of saliva which maintains a stable digestion through its buffer effect. Thanks to the increased salivation, feed intake and nutritional use are optimized for maximum performance.

As a key component of balanced animal nutrition, proper mineral intake is critical to animal health and production. Wisium’s solutions provide unique, efficient, and convenient ways to ensure mineral intake for each individual animal and secure the bottom line of producers. The PHYSIOlick licking buckets are a great way Wisium can help you address the mineral balance in your animals.

Discover our complete minerals solution: PHYSIOlick