Minerals are macro premixes destined to cover the needs of ruminants in terms of macro nutrients, trace elements and vitamins, in complement of those naturally present in forages. It is also a supply of rumen soluble minerals to feed the microbes and improve diet digestionMinerals complement help to improve performance by reinforcing immunity, reproduction and production.

Wisium minerals can be provided through bulk pellets, licking blocks or buckets. Formulated by our nutritionists to meet the requirements of ruminant species throughout their production cycle and support the animals during the critical periods of their life (weaning, turn out to pasture, changes of diet, drying off…).

PHYSIOLick: Individualized mineral licking bucket

Licking buckets allowing each animal to feed itself according to its particular needs and through a unique manufacturing process: Cool Mix process. A paste produced from the mixture of raw materials, whey and molasses, naturally cakes in the bucket, without pressure and without heating.

Individualized solution: Mineral supplementation is determined according to average requirements of a herd. Animals do not all express the same needs, which may vary according to their genetic potential, age, stage of production… PHYSIOLick allows each animal to feed itself according to its particular needs. It meets a need expressed individually by an animal at a given time.

Practical tool: PHYSIOLick is easy-to-use whether for grazing animals or animals in stalling system. Consumption by the animal is total. PHYSIOLick bucket is a very good barometer of nutrition problems. High licking bucket consumption should draw the breeder’s attention (for example, it may be the sign of an unbalanced ration).

Salivation factor: PHYSIOLick provides a response to the ruminants’ natural need to lick. Increasing the licking significantly increases the production of saliva which maintains a stable digestion through its buffer effect. Thanks to the increased salivation, feed intake and nutritional utilization are optimized for maximum performance.

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