Your feed efficiency is at the center of our concerns. This is why Wisium offers you specific support in order to ensure you and your clients the best economic result at the end.

A Wisium product for every animal nutrition need

Wisium offers a full suite of products that aim at achieving maximum feed efficiency and animal performance. With these goals at the center of our focus, our products include unique innovations, value added ingredients, and balanced nutrition.

Wisium premix

Wisium premixes are formulated to specifically answer nutritional needs. These products are tailored according to local conditions and address raw materials, sanitary conditions, and specific targets. The formulation approach and nutrition solutions are customized to meet the needs of each customer depending on their goals, species, and operating practices.

Wisium starter feed

The period in a young animal’s life when it starts to eat commercial feed can set up success for its lifetime. A nutritionally balanced ration that includes everything a young animal needs in a form that it will eat is a key component of long-term success. Using the correct pre-starter and starter feeds and programs will pay dividends later. Wisium is pleased to be able to offer starter solutions like Newean, Wean up, and Genesa.

Wisium nutritional specialties

Nutritional specialties are specific solutions to answer zootechnical challenges during a specific stage of an animal’s life. Our nutritional specialties are built to help you meet a specific goal for livestock animals, such as providing a positive effect on production, increasing overall well-being, and/or mitigating the environmental consequences of animal production.

Wisium nutritional specialties answer your day-to-day challenges and participate in enhancing animal performance. Discover them here.

Wisium mineral options

Minerals provide macronutrients, trace elements and vitamins for ruminants to complement forage. This is also a supply of rumen soluble minerals to feed microbes and improve diet digestion. Minerals help improve performance by reinforcing immunity, reproduction, and production.

Wisium minerals are formulated by our nutritionists to meet the requirements of ruminant species throughout their production cycle and support the animals during the critical periods of their life. These mineral options can be provided through bulk pellets, licking blocks or buckets. You can learn about our individualized mineral licking bucket, PHYSIOlick, here.

Wisium litter conditioner

Moisture is an issue which has to be taken into consideration. Humid conditions are not only uncomfortable for the animal, but also provides ideal environments for microbial growth. Increased bacterial pressure and ammonia production can cause damages and lead to reduced performances and economic losses. The role of a litter is important as it provides the animal comfort by offering insulation from cold, moisture absorption, and also helps to prevent pathogen spread.

Wisium litter conditioner, PURlite helps to ensure a suitable and clean environment for animals. It is especially indicated for young animals such as piglets, day-old chicks and calves. Discover it here.