PURlite, the new litter conditioner reference.


A blend of vegetal and mineral raw materials with absorbent, cleanliness and safe-use properties. It is perfectly suitable for the environmental management of sows and their litters thanks to its powerful drying and odor binding effects.

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PURlite has a bedding action:


  • Absorb the moisture on beds
  • Avoid drop of temperature
  • Promotes Animal comfort and welfare


PURlite promotes hygiene and safety:


  • Inhibits bacterial growth in the Environment – (decrease in bacteria load, around feeders and drinkers, especially Salmonella and Campylobacter) – Bacteriostatic effect
  • Decreases the overall risk of wound infections – Prophylactic effect
  • Nonirritant to animal skin

In swine production, PURlite gives more chances to piglets at birth and improves their Average Daily Gain (ADG):


#1 Strengthens vitality of weak piglets at birth and allows a faster access to colostrum.

#2 Improves quality of the litter by powerful drying and odor-binding effects (Ammonia).

#3 Does not irritate the skin of piglets and operators.

#4 Helps to fully express sow genetic potential without cost overloads.

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In poultry production, PURlite improves animal welfare by promoting a better production environment:


#1 Reduces humidity and prevents wet litter syndrome.

#2 Reduces ammonia emissions thanks to its odor-binding effects.

#3 Prevents breasts blisters and foot pad lesions due to wet litter.

#4 Does not irritate animal skin.

#5 Improves animal welfare and performances.

Broiler pictogram

In ruminant production, PURlite protects new born and adults animals:


#1 Reduce risks of mastitis and lameness by improving the environment management.

#2 Enhances air quality in barns by limiting ammonia emission.

#3 Reduces bedding moisture thanks to its absorbing capacity.

#4 Contributes to temperature control in bedding material.

#5 Does not irritate animal skin.

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