A winning first participation at the VIV Asia trade show for Wisium

For its first participation at the VIV Asia trade show, Wisium distinguished itself by winning the E-novation award, with one of its innovative product: Perfegg.

Indeed Perfegg, Wisium’s additive dedicated to increase the egg production of laying hens, won “hands down” the trophy in the Feed & Additive category. Such a success reflects Wisium worldwide deployment ambitions as one of the leader in the Premix / firm-services business, where the company already ranks among the top 5.

Perfegg, an innovative & natural additive dedicated to increase the egg production of laying hens and improve the economic performance of the producers.

Perfegg is a 100% natural solution, based on plant extract. It acts at the end of the laying period of hens (more than 50 weeks of age), which is a high challenging period as the hen physiology is highly solicited. Thanks to its anti-diabetic action, Perfegg optimizes fat metabolism in the liver including the synthesis of lipoproteins. Lipoproteins are then continuously synthetized in the liver and regularly transferred to ovary. Consequently, with Perfegg, a better yolks homogeneity occurs, which leads to a decrease in the number of days without eggs. More eggs are then produced!

By increasing the egg production (up to 6 eggs per hen; +4.6 in average of 5 trials) and extending the laying period, Perfegg optimizes the producers’ investment in pullets genetic. Perfegg also contributes to lower the feed costs by an improvement in Feed Conversion Ratio (-0.12 point, average of 5 trials).

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