In May 2019, Guyokrma will endorse the Wisium brand. By becoming Wisium, the firm expands its offer with new products and services and provides customers with added-value thanks to new nutritional programs for ruminants.

Guyokrma, leading actor in premixes and minerals for ruminants in Czech Republic

Guyokrma provides customers, including farmers, with premixes and minerals for the ruminant market (dairy cows, beef cattle, sheeps/goats). The 26-year-old company employs 15 collaborators and is currently managed by Ing. Martin Musilek. It also leads the licking buckets market in Czech Republic and exports its solutions to Slovakia.

Thanks to its proximity to customers and its tailor-made approach (audit, rationing and technical support), Guyokrma has developed real know-how meeting the  expectations of this market driven by high technicality, very large operations and a milk production focussed on non GMOs. The firm is also an active player on the monogastric market and offers a complete range of additives and premixes for home-mixers and integrators.

Wisium, a complete offer relaying on an international expertise network  

By endorsing the Wisium brand and joining its network, Guyokrma strengthens its offer with TRANSI UP, a new global nutritional program to address the challenges related to the peri-partum time to improve milk production. It will also introduce My RumiDiag, the first mobile application allowing users to qualify the risk of sub-acidosis in dairy cows based on photos of their dung.  

From now, the 15 Guyokrma collaborators will have Wisium’s international expertise support to provide independent advice on all aspects of production management, formulation, quality control strategy, nutritional needs and animal health, support to industrial management and performance.

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