Invest in piglets and maximize pig lifetime performance

Discover our piglet program comprising products and services improving swine performance.

The piglet’s early life is a short period which determines pig lifetime performances. During the first weeks of life, the piglet is immature and very sensitive to environmental stress. Early life intervention with ideal feed guarantees optimal gut development and long-term benefits.

Wisium experts are your partners to measure your farm performances and identify areas of improvement.

We focus on a short term investment for long term benefits:

  • Reduce pre-weaning mortality
  •  Higher feed intake
  • Guarantee digestive security
  • Prepare gut to improve lifetime growth

WEAN UP program is a synergic approach based on a complete range of products dedicated to every stage of piglet life and a customized technical support to amplify a product’s positive effects.

Milk replacer

  • Distributed in the early stage of life as complement of the sow milk, or complete milk replacer for early weaning
  • Highly palatable to stimulate the intake
  • Formulated to reduce digestive disorder and pre weaning mortality

Creep before weaning

  • Distributed the last weeks before weaning
  • Highly palatable to accustom piglet to dry and vegetable based feed
  • Improves piglet weight homogeneity at weaning

Around the weaning

  • Distributed before and after the weaning as transition feed
  • Formulated to stimulate digestive system maturation and gut integrity; includes prebiotics to promote beneficial microflora and reinforce piglet immune system
  • Reduces the starvation after weaning and improve growth

During the post-weaning period

  • Distributed the following weeks after weaning
  • Includes highly palatable and digestible selected raw materials to maximize intake and performances
  • Promotes gut development and microbiota balance to reduce digestive problems

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