Overcome the challenges of the peri-partum period to improve milk production

Cow milk production will rise by 46% by 2023 to meet demand growth. Increasing productivity is therefore the main challenge for milk producers. The peri-partum period is a crucial stage in a dairy cow’s life and has an impact on milk production. That is why it has to be managed carefully. We have a solution for you, and it is called Transi Up.

Wisium experts are your partners to measure your farm performances and identify areas of improvement. We focus on the entire peri-partum stage from 60 days before calving (dry period) until 100 days (early lactation period). This critical stage is associated with the majority of metabolic diseases in a dairy cow’s life. Feed transition, physiological changes, energetic status and minerals balance are the main factors associated with these diseases. With Transi Up, we will thus focus our support on them.

Our approach is customized to answer your needs and to provide you key benefits:

#1 Improve health status by decreasing metabolic troubles

Improving feed transition from the dry to early lactation period is key to avoid metabolic problems. Wisium experts advise you about the best practices and products to ensure a smooth transition. It will lead to a reduction of milk fever and ketosis risks, two of the main issues after calving.

#2 Increase milk production by answering specific needs

Cows in early lactation are considered as marathoners! Energy, protein, minerals and vitamins demands are higher than what cows can intake during this first stage of lactation. All these needs are taken into account in the Transi Up program to ensure the best start in lactation.

#3 Prepare for reproduction by managing properly animals BCS

Because it is directly linked to a reduction of metabolic troubles and a proper management of fresh cows feeding, the body condition of animals is well managed. This appropriate management of cows feeding will help you reach better reproduction performances.

The Wisium Transi Up program is built on a set of tailor-made solutions to dairy cow management and customized technical support and services to amplify products positive effects.

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Transi Up program?