Your support for profitability and feed performance

Fluctuations in the raw material price, availability and quality but also, changes in the farming environment are intrinsic sources of variation of feed efficiency and performances. Wisium provides you with customized and efficient support in quality control, formulation and nutrition expertise to control your raw materials, secure the quality of your feed and boost your profitability.


Our formulation experts identify the sources of variations in your
performance according to expected quality criteria and nutritional expectations. Adapting your formula regularly allows you to:

  • Take into account your last analytical results to update your matrix
  • Optimize your feed in the function of price, raw material quality and performances
  • Take the opportunity to include new and local raw material in your feed
  • Optimize your formula and adapt to your ever-changing

Quality control

Wisium helps to ensure your raw materials and finished
products quality by providing specific analyses (in vitro digestibility…) with our laboratory and a quality control plan. Our experts provide you:

  • Updated quality control plan to manage undesirable substances (metal, mycotoxins, coccidiostatics…)
  • NIR technology solutions package to get quick analysis directly on plant and yearly maintenance (curves and device)
  • Information on the reliability of your supply
  • Report by raw material and advice valorized in the formulation
  • Industrial guidelines (particle size, durability, hardness…)

Nutritional expertise

Wisium experts support you with high-level technical solutions
to help you to achieve your performances objectives. By
closely working with you, our nutrition and zootechnical
experts, specialized by species, bring you specific solutions:

  • The conception of new formulas and feed range
  • Performance review/formula audit
  • Support on-farm and performance monitoring (Digital app)

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