Overcome the challenges of egg production!

Egg production will rise by 50% by 2030: egg quality problems will increasingly be the main concern for commercial layer farmers, and also layer & broiler breeders’ ones.

Thanks to our nutritional concept comprising products and services improving the egg quality, Wisium experts are your partners to measure your farm performances and identify areas of improvement.

We focus on 4 main axes and customize our approach according to your needs in terms of egg expectations:

#1 Eggshell quality optimizes economic profitability and hatchability rates

Especially in the later stages of the life cycle, shell quality may deteriorate and those quality problems will be more pronounced due to the global tendency to extend the layers’ production period. The natural relationship between egg weight, layers’ age and mineral requirements (especially calcium) are the main factors causing shell quality issues.

Wisium experts obtain technical measurements, lead to a diagnosis, in the field using specific tools: external analysis of the shell, fine judgement of the intrinsic shell structure and measurement of calcium solubility and chemical characteristics.

#2 Egg size determines the profitability of egg production

Customers’ expectations about egg size vary according to the country and its markets. Egg size will be impacted by flock management (genetics, temperature, lighting program, etc.) and nutritional solutions including protein intake. Wisium experts support pullet and layer management (temperature, lighting program, etc.), through customized feeding programs and control of the weight and size of eggs.

#3 Yolk color expertise, a key consumer’s criteria for judging egg quality

Countries and cultures have different specific perceptions relating to yolk color. Eggs are consumed directly or used in the manufacturing of various products such as pasta, and the yolk color will contribute to their coloration. The carotenoids present in the feed (raw materials and pigments) of the laying hen are responsible for egg yolk color.

To meet egg producers’ expectations, Wisium deploys breeding management, yolk color evaluation and nutritional management solutions: raw analysis, egg quality control plan, formulation, and screening of natural and synthetic pigments and supply of pigments.

#4 Albumen thickness expertise characterizes egg freshness for the consumer

Haugh units measure the quality of the albumen, which is related to egg quality. This value decreases with the layers’ age and egg storage conditions. Wisium experts help you evaluate egg freshness by measuring albumen thickness and calculating the Haugh units.

Any question about our Egg quality concept?