Wisium offers a full package of services including specific quality control plan, analyses, technical support and a monitoring tool Mycowatch® app, combined with a high-end technical product: T5X.

T5X: A complete approach of mycotoxin risk management

To avoid the negative impacts of mycotoxins on animal performances, the Wisium investigation starts with raw materials and ends with the animal. As every raw material can be a source of contamination, our overall approach starts with specific analyses. The first key success factor of the mycotoxins analysis is to sample the right raw material at the right time to have a comprehensive understanding of the global contamination, through a precise and specific quality control plan. This process implementation needs a very specific knowledge and takes into account the situation of each feed plant. The second one is the samples collection and the analysis type, with quick analysis kits and large spectrum chemical analyses (48 mycotoxins).

T5X acts in synergy with the animal

Much more than a toxin binder, T5X is the result of 20 years of development in our 11 worldwide research centers. T5X is working in synergy with the animals in 3 main actions:


Binding to catch the polar toxins


Production enhancement of natural detoxification enzymes


Metabolic system enhancement

T5X, the most advanced product to secure your performance.

Mycowatch® app, do the right investment at the right time

Having analysis results it is the first step to be aware of your real mycotoxins risk. To go further and valorize mycotoxins analysis results, Wisium developed Mycowatch® app.

The app allows you to evaluate your mycotoxins contamination risk (from low to critical) depending on the species and contamination levels. Then, it advises you on the most suitable T5X product to use depending on the situation and indicates you the precise T5X dose to use.

Mycowatch® is a reliable and easy-to-use tool to help you to do the right mycotoxins control monitoring.

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T5X is currently available in more than 30 countries around the world

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