With its high water absorption capacity, PURlite

  • controls the moisture to provide good hygiene in your farm
  • dries and protects your piglets and then allows faster access to colostrum and also
  • binds ammonia which gives a comforting environment to you and your animals

In swine production, there is no secret to success, all you need is to take care of each step

Following each production stage, different challenges can appear. However, environmental hygiene, performances of your animal and, more and more, welfare are key parameters we should focus on.

Among all important parameters, environmental hygiene should be the first action to control. But in real production, it often remains the weak point.

When we talk about environmental hygiene risks, people generally think about bacteria and microorganisms that can be harmful to animals. But before that, one of the most important things we should consider and manage is — MOISTURE!

Wet floor and bedding are the perfect environments to boost pathogenic bacteria growth, infections and diseases spreading… In the end, it will cost you money!

In sow cycles, there are some very sensitive periods, such as weaning to oestrus interval as well as farrowing. During these periods, the urogenital tract is open and easily affected by a poor hygiene environment, thus causing urogenital tract infection, MMA syndrome, long farrowing process and increasing the number of stillborn piglets and of abortion. It does not only impact sow longevity but also your piglet survival.

Nowadays, thanks to genetic improvement, sows have more and more large litter. It gives the potential for better economic income. However, due to large litters, we also get smaller and lighter piglets, which can be weaker and need extra care. As each piglet at birth, these newborn lighter piglets are wet and exposed to a cold environment in farrowing crates. Researches have shown that the efficiency of thermoregulation is limited for newborn piglets, especially for the lighter ones. They faster lose their body temperature, using extra energy to fight against temperature below thermoneutrality. Then, they usually take more time to access to colostrum.

Therefore you will observe more piglets suffering from hypothermia and weaker piglets. Such events will lead to more crushed piglets and higher mortality during the suckling period

During the suckling period and the post-weaning period, other identical stressful factors should also be controlled and managed. During the lactation period, piglets are developing their digestive tract, building up their immunity, and remain immature compared to adult ones. Wet floor and poor hygiene conditions will increase the risk of disease and mortality.

In the post-weaning phase, piglets are separated from their mother and mixed with piglets from other sows. Piglets from different litters might be aggressive to each other, fights and injuries can occur. At this stage, piglet nutrition is shifting from milk to solid complete feed: it represents another stressful factor for them.

Such stressful factors usually lead to higher prevalence of diarrhea, infections, disease and even death.

To prevent all of the potential risks of losses mentioned above, good management practices should be implemented.

Good management practices in swine farm:

  1. At farrowing and during weaning to oestrus interval – Make sure the hygiene management is good and keep the floor dry! Apply PURlite over the perineal region (around vulva), over the posterior back area as well as on the floor underneath this region.
  2. Piglets at birth –To ensure a temperature close to the thermal comfort zone is extremely important. You should also dry piglets as soon as possible after birth. In addition to this, piglets should be placed close to the teats or on the carpet under the infra-red light.
  3. During the lactation period – Piglets are growing and building up their immune system. Wet and very dirty floor should be avoided by cleaning and drying products to reduce potential risks and diseases.
  4. At weaning and during the post-weaning stages –Apply Purlite on piglets, in corridors used for animal transfer, on the floor of post’weaning pens in order to trigger the olfactory memory of piglets by offering familiar odours to reduce the stress and limit post weaning problems such as fighting and diarrhea.

PURlite is a blend of vegetal and mineral raw materials with absorbent, cleaning and non-irritating properties.

PURlite helps to manage your swine farm at each stage from farrowing to slaughter.

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