Mineral supplementation is mandatory for ruminants farmers looking for high performances. Most of this supplementation is done through the feed: within the TMR, inside the complementary feed or even distributed directly in at the feedthrough on top of the diet. However, in a lot of situation, this complementation is not easy to do:

  • Outside when animal are grazing
  • For small group of animal such as heifers or dry cow
  • When animals are far from the farm. Moreover, animals do not all express the same needs, which may vary according to their genetic potential, age, stage of production… Animals producing higher quantity of milk or having an higher ADG will need more nutrients and minerals than other producing less. However, in ruminant farming a clear majority of farmer set a diet for a group of animals. As a consequence, some of them will suffer from nutrient deficit penalizing the expression of their potential. 


Wisium offers PHYSIOLick, a unique range of licking buckets, which brings benefits to animals and higher profits to producers. PHYSIOLick buckets are formulated by specialists to meet the requirements of ruminant species throughout their production cycle and support the animals during the critical periods of their life (weaning, turn out to pasture, changes of diet, drying off…)

Unique solution: The licking bucket

Individualized solution

PHYSIOLick allows each animal to feed itself according to its particular needs. It meets a need expressed individually by an animal at a given time.

Practical tool

PHYSIOLick is easy-to-use whether for grazing animals or animals in stalling system. Consumption by the animal is total.
PHYSIOLick bucket is a very good barometer of nutrition problems. High licking bucket consumption should draw the breeder’s attention (for example, it may be the sign of an unbalanced ration).

Salivation factor

PHYSIOLick provides a response to the ruminants’ natural need to lick. Increasing the licking significantly increases the production of saliva which maintains stable digestion through its buffer effect. Thanks to the increased salivation, feed intake and nutritional utilization are optimized for maximum performance.

PHYSIOLick benefices of unique innovation from Wisium know-how

The pouring process

The paste produced by mixing the solid raw materials and molasses, cakes naturally in the bucket without heat or pressure. As a result, the different constituents of the formula are intact and preserved; this is the pouring process.

Preserved nutritional richness

The natural caking in PHYSIOLick buckets, with neither pressure nor heating, enables the incorporation of sensitive elements such as vitamins or plant extracts which is not possible with the standard blocks available in the market.

Perfect conservation Calypac

Wisium has developed an exclusive, patented sealing system: the Calypac process. This consists of a strong airtight plastic film placed over the mouth of the bucket and ensuring a perfect seal. It ensures optimal conservation of the freshness and of the vitamins as well as a total protection against any external contamination.

Thanks to the even texture of the pour and hence to the absence of micro-cracks, PHYSIOLick bucket is stable to variations of temperature and humidity.

Rain can’t get into the product and dissolve it; the sun can’t dry it out. The poured bucket retains an even consistency, whereas the consistency of the pressed bucket varies according to rainwater or evaporation.

In extreme conditions, thanks to the pour process, PHYSIOLick bucket remains an even texture which enables a regular consump­tion by the animals.

Optimum-balanced formulation

The formulation, characterized by an optimum balance between the sweet and sour elements, triggers spontaneous licking by the animals and ensures regular consumption of the licking buckets throughout the day. As a result, the nutrients (sugars, salt, minerals, trace elements, chelated trace elements and vitamins) are not

Consumption varies within a defined interval depending on animals and on farms conditions (factors such as ration, weather, production status…).

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