DIGEST’UP, the solution for a better PROTEIN EFFICIENCY in ruminant

Solubility of protein: key issue in ruminant nutrition

To improve protein efficiency, it is necessary, in many situations, to maximize the amount of rumen bypass protein. In addition to microbial protein, this will increase the total flow of metabolizable proteins at the intestinal level.

Wisium has developed a nutritional specialty that improves the protein efficiency of rations for ruminants. DIGEST UP is a solution that increases the proportion of by pass protein in the diets.

Digest Up is particularly interesting for:

– Rations with high levels of quickly degradable sources of protein (rations rich in alfalfa or fermentable grass, mainly pasture). In this case, it is essential to reduce the fermented part in the rumen and increase the by pass protein fraction.

– Early lactation and high production levels. In these situations, the need for metabolizable protein is high and microbial protein production by the rumen is insufficient.

Digest Up: natural solution to increase by pass protein

DIGEST UP works in 2 complementary and synergistic ways, thanks to

– Plant extracts that will bind reversibly to dietary proteins in the rumen.

– Specially selected metals, which will reduce the flora that ferments soluble proteins.

Digest Up prevents thus ammonia excess in the rumen and increases the amount of total metabolizable protein absorbed in the intestine.

Digest Up: Solution validated by the cows, on the field

Field trials demonstrate that DIGEST UP allows equivalent performances to direct processes for protein protection (formaldehyde, Maillard reaction). Furthermore, it is more practical to use: no storage cell required in the factory; the level of incorporation variable according to the technical objectives and the level of protein solubility of the ration.